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    Rhetoric Society of America Conference Schedule Graph of Words: these are words I chose because I was interested in discovering their frequency.
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Rhetoric Society of America Conference Graphs

At RSA 2012, I heard a lot of people using the words “materiality” and “ontology.” This is a good development in my view, but I was curious about the frequency of those terms in the conference schedule (the titles of papers and panels). Turns out, I might have self-selected my conversations a bit more than … Continue reading

Technology and the Human Body – Final Student Projects

As a teacher, there’s nothing more satisfying than learning from your students and sitting back as they show you how well they can critically evaluate the material and bring new insights to it. Here below I have placed (with permissions) a few short excerpts from my students’ final projects, completed for the Rhetoric and Digital Media … Continue reading

Kinect and the Posture of Context-Aware Computing

I walked into Dr. Rieder’s office yesterday, and he said “do this,” making wild hand motions. I thought, “what is he up to now?” (I can always expect something out of the ordinary from Rieder as his academic work is more like running–a process of seeing what things and ideas can do when you run … Continue reading

Antidiets and Food as Art

I’m currently reading Antidiets of the Avant-Garde: from Futurist cooking to Eat Art by Cecilia Novero. The book sets out to explore the “performative quality in food and eating as they manifest themselves in avant-garde manifestos, magazines, declarations, instructions, and so forth, as well as, surprisingly, in actual cookbooks” (ix). The discussion offers a renewed awareness … Continue reading