Facebook Privacy Articles

For those who are interested (like me), here’s a list of some of the more recent articles about Facebook and privacy (I will try to update this list everyday, at least for the next few days or so):

“Facebook, Myspace Confront Privacy Loophole” By Emily Steel and Jessica E. Vascellaro at The Wall Street Journal, May 21

“Busted: Facebook Gave Advertisers Names and Ages of People Who Clicked On Ads” By Nicolas Carlson at BusinessInsider, May 21

“Facebook shared personal data with advertisers without users’ consent” By Sam Gustin of Daily Finance, May 21

“Group sets May 31st as ‘Quit Facebook Day'” By Doug Gross at CNN

“World’s Largest Social Network: The Open Web [on Facebook and the open web]” By Randall Stross at The NY Times

“Exposure and Facebook as Public Utility” (a response to Dana Boyd) By Alex Reid, May 16

“Why I Left Facebook” By Matthew Gold at The Lapland Chronicles Blog, May 15

“Facebook privacy: a bewildering tangle of options” – NY Times (visualization)

“Facebook Privacy and the Treacherous Middle Ground” By Fred Wilson at BusinessInsider.com, May 15

“New Site Reveals Facebook’s Shortcomings” By Gillian Shaw at The Vancouver Sun, May 15

“Facebook is Toast” By Valdis Krebs at TheNetworkThinker.com, May 14

“Facebook Exodus Planned for May 31: Will you Quit?” By Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable, May 14

“Facebook instant personalization = instant ire” By San Fran Chronicle, May 14

Tech Biggies Quit Facebook Over Privacy Flap: Will Others Follow?By Ki Mae Heussner at ABC News, May 14

“EU Criticizes Facebook Privacy Changes” at Telegraph.co.uk, May 14

Facebook and “radical transparency” by Dana Boyd, May 14

“The big game, Zuckerberg and overplaying your hand”
by Jason Calacanis, May 12

“The evolution of privacy on Facebook”
by Matt McKeon (visualization)

“Much ado about privacy on Facebook (I wish Facebook were more OPEN)” by Robert Scoble, May 8

“Confusing *a* public with *the* public” by Jeff Jarvis, May 8

“Facebook’s gone rouge: it’s time for an open alternative” by Ryan Singel at Wired Magazine, May 7

“Facebook in Dying- Social is Not” by Ryan Baekdal, May 5

“Top Ten Reasons You Should Leave Facebook” By Soham at TheDigiWorld.wordpress.com, May 5

“Decentralize the web with Diaspora” by Maxwell Salzberg, May

“Contemplating Facebook Hara-Kiri” By Jason Perlow, May 3

“Facebook’s Eroding Privacy: a timeline” by Electronic Frontier Foundation, April 28

“The fun’s over with Facebook Community Pages” by Pixelrage.net, April 12

“Facebook’s Zukerberg says the age of privacy is over” by Marshall Kirkpatrick at Readwriteweb.com


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