Facebook Privacy Articles

For those who are interested (like me), here’s a list of some of the more recent articles about Facebook and privacy (I will try to update this list everyday, at least for the next few days or so): “Facebook, Myspace Confront Privacy Loophole” By Emily Steel and Jessica E. Vascellaro at The Wall Street Journal, … Continue reading

Viewmaster, My New Old Virtual Reality

It just so happens that I was roaming an antique store this week. And I bought a Viewmaster. It cost 20$, and it came with 25 slides. I couldn’t pass it up. It also just so happens that I was reading Bolter and Grusin’s classic text “Remediation” this week. In the first two chapters, they … Continue reading

typewriter mystique

Here’s an old typewriter I recently found at a yard sale. 15$. It’s a Royal 1932. When I brought it home, I discovered it’s worth between 100-200. I’m happy to see the old writing machines hold their value. But I didn’t buy it to make money. I bought it because of its look, its presence, … Continue reading

Hemingway Lives on Hillsborough Street

I was browsing a local used book store on Hillsborough Street. I found a beautiful copy of Old Man and the Sea. Hemingway. A classic. I looked inside, and it was a holy first edition. Cost: 4 dollars. I took it home, proud of my find, and then I heard jazz on university radio. I sat … Continue reading